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[nafex] Re: Cherry propagating and citrus seed.

Thanks Gianni and Tom..what I had used was the plastic dome over it all and 
in a diffuse light situation. sure would be nice to do it without the 
mister, but I'll get set up if necessary.  Yorba, the success of yours 
Gianni mentioned....what specie?
Del Stubbs
ag zone 2/3
Pinewood Forge

Hi Del: 
You betcha, glad to help.
I know that Yorba had also propagated Peach and had his success with Persica.
He had also covered his pots with plastic and watched to keep them moist and
misted when needed.
I used both greenwood and hardwood cuttings and both worked. Lengths were
in the foot range as my bed is  24" deep. And I did bury to the last nodule but 
left a leaf or two but cut the leaves back 2/3's.
I also threw myco in the holes....
Took about 8 weeks to get results but suspect within 4 but didn't check that
early on. Wish I did because I lost 99% due to overheating as developed
roots had turned black and were dead.

>From Joel:
Has anyone had success propagating citrus mitus "calamondin orange" from
In warm soil how long does it take for viable seed to germinate?


Hi Joel:

I find the best success is strait from fruit to medium. Citrus seed is vicious
damping & natural inherent mold characteristics. Sand, coco peat, perlite, in
the mix keeps the seed from having probs in the germination duration. 
A quick, couple of minute dip in hydrogen peroxide, 50 water 50 peroxide 
knocks down the probs. The seed can also dry out quite rapidly and become 
unviable, fast in a matter of weeks depending on size, temp and variety!
Found a lot of seed from CRFG that wasn't viable that dried in waiting,
UC @ Riverside seed had germ rates much higher than most.
I have shipped and received seed in peat dampened in perox/hydro/water.
If very good and viable seed 1-1/2-4 weeks, suspect seed usually longer but 
will still pop, up to almost 2-3 months. 
And I can vouch for juvenility and inferior stock from seed.
Scant or single seed in commercial citrus still pops if direct from fruit to 
hydro/perox to germination mix but iffy.
Still..... The fragrance of citrus flowers in the house is unsurpassed even 
if the fruit is inferior.
Nothing like seeing ripe fruit on the trees @ X-Mas!

Good luck to both of you......

Have never tried germinating pomegranates, Tom.
Best wishes,
4 inches of white in Z-5/6 S. NH


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