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Re: [nafex] leeks / myco fungi

Tom Olenio wrote:
Hi Tom:

I wonder if chives would be equally suitable.  Will you consider running
a two level experiment using chives as an alternate host?  They are
pretty easy to come by and appear to be suited to pot culture.

Just a thought.  Don't do it if it means much work.

Best regards, Joe

> I could not have bought seed and and spent all the time
> germinating/growing them to this size for less.


                                    -Joe Hecksel
                                     Eaton Rapids, Michigan

I fish because I love to; 
because I love the environs where trout are found, 
which are invariably beautiful
... because trout do not lie or cheat 
and cannot be bought or bribed 
or impressed by power, 
but respond only to 
and humility 
and endless patience... 

-John Voelker (aka Robert Traver)

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