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Re:[nafex]Braiding/640 apple varieties

Bernie, thanks so much for the post about braiding. I talked with Bob Purvis 
a bit about the Whitneys and he had very good things to say about their 
importance in apple growing in N. America.
In case anyone missed it in their web site, they have 640 apple varieties! 
Here is the specific url <http://www.whitneysorchard.com/antique_apples.htm> 
Apparently they will provide scion wood from at least some. These are listed 
alphabetically, and those that they know date and place of origen - that is 
listed as well. They ask for further info on varieties if anyone has it.

The braiding reminds me of the pleached orchard/fence discussion we had here 
a year ago. Soon I was going to go cut out the lesser 3 of 4 grafts I did 
topworking  a neighbor's  wild apple, now  instead I'll go braid them. And 
it encourages me to do 'excess' grafts when topworking, so I can choose the 
best for braiding. It feels so unbalanced to turn a 3" limb into a single 
little stick. Thanks Bernie!

Del Stubbs
ag zone 2/3
Pinewood Forge

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