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Re: [nafex]Making Blackberries Hardy?

Last year was my first successful harvest of a small batch of zone 5? 
blackberries Illini hardy (erect) and chester thornless, here in z2/3.
However, since I planted them 3 years back its been more like zone 4 here.
I put up an old wood slat snow fence around the patch at winter's beginning 
to help deepen the snow. I lay some old sheep fencing on top of them to help 
them lay down. The erect ones I have been pruning all summer long this last 
year at knee (snow depth) height to see if I can force low primocanes.(Or is 
it floricanes--the lateral shoots) Will report on this next summer.
Having grown up on N. California's abundant wild blackberries, this first 
harvest was wonderful, and seeing my wife's reaction (a native Minnesotan) 
to her first blackberries!......well I'll do what ever I have to to grow 
them. As well, I think they have tremendous small time commercial potential 
if I could grow enough to sell locally.
Even though trailing types are generally less 'hardy' I think they have an 
equal edge since they can be snow covered much more easily. I'll discuss 
blackberries any time, its a dream come true.

Del Stubbs
ag zone 2/3
Pinewood Forge

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