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[nafex] Fwd: SBLD - A Nomenclatural Morass: The Naming of Lewis' "Fir No. 5"

Thought this might be of interest to many people who are interested in 
plant nomenclature.
-----Suzi Teghtmeyer

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>Subject:      SBLD - A Nomenclatural Morass: The Naming of Lewis' "Fir No. 5"
>December 11, 2001
>A Nomenclatural Morass: The Naming of Lewis' "Fir No. 5"
>This story illustrates the potential complexities of naming a newly
>discovered organism. In this case, it is Douglas Fir, bearing the
>currently accepted scientific name of Pseudotsuga menziesii. This
>story traces assigned names from the first collections by
>surgeon-naturalist Archibald Menzies aboard HMS Discovery in the
>1790s, through later collections by Lewis & Clark, and the current
>resolution of the problem by Frederick Pursh. The site features
>extensive written narrative, numerous biographies and an interesting
>case study on the international rules of nomenclature that must be
>followed. Site by Jim Reveal (a major contributor of links to my
>Botanical Links site). (****) -SR
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