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Re: [nafex] Luscious Pears

Luscious is from S. Dakota, introduced in the early 70', from a cross of SD
E31 x Ewart. Ewart is a P.Communis, but I don't know for SDE31. Luscious is
considered hardy to zone 3, and one of the best for cold zones. Small
fruit, pyriform shape, flavor type Bartlett but more intense.
I have a branch of Luscious in a Patten tree, but it hasn't produced any
fruit yet.
I am a bit surprized that you found some by mid December as it is
considered a late mid-season variety that ripens beginning of October that
doesn't keep more that a month.
Claude Jolicoeur

A 15:12 01.12.14 -0600, vous avez écrit :
>I came across a pear today that I have never seen before or read about at
>Whole Foods Organic Market in Madison, WI.  It's a small pear and looks like
>a giraffe!  The skin is cream and heavily mottled with big tan splotches.
>The name listed for it is Luscious, and it is grown by a small organic
>orchard near the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin side.  The handwritten
>info on the pear stated that is a good variety for organic production and is
>excellent eating quality.  The flavor is supposed to be like butterscotch.
>I'll have to wait until the pears ripen to verify that claim.
>Does anyone have info on this pear?  The appearance of the fruit, in itself,
>is quite interesting.  I would have named it Giraffe, but no one asked me.
>Doreen Howard,

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