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[nafex] How would you prune these trees?

Hi NAFEXers,

I need to pruned some older trees that haven't been pruned in quite a
while.  I've posted some pictures at:

How would you prune them?  The apricots are maybe 15-25 feet tall.  I
can bring the height down to 6 feet or so and open the center up.  Of
course that means removing most of the branches which is pretty drastic,
is there a better way of doing it?  The other way I was considering was
to leave most of the larger branches, thin out maybe 2/3 of the smaller
ones, and head back the remaining 1/3.  This would again result in a
large tree.

The apples are maybe 12 feet tall and I'd like to bring the height down
a little.  Is that a good idea?  Do I need to thin out some of the
branches in the center?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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