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[nafex] Flemish Beauty Pear

Flemish Beauty is considered quite susceptible to fireblight and pear 
scab. It is of the best quality for fresh eating. This seems to be 
its general reputation wherever it is hardy in Eastern Canada. It 
loses flavour when cooked. Dried slices are good.

The tree has traditionally been considered about the hardiest of the 
cultivars originiating in Belgium and France. In 1906 it was 
recommended for commercial growing at Maitland, Ontario, near 
Brockville in the St. Lawrence Valley ("when grown in sod"), not much 
warmer than Dundela where the McIntosh apple originated. It has been 
grown fairly widely in the warmer parts of the upper St. Lawrence 
River Valley. It often lasts some time when planted in somewhat 
colder areas. I have the impression that it was considered not quite 
hardy enough for regular yields and long term survival in the Ottawa 

In the 1970's I talked to a commercial grower (his mainstay was 
apples) who grew Flemish Beauty and Clapp's on a small scale near 

I would say that Flemish Beauty is good for home growing in cold 
areas where disease pressure is light or where fungicides and high 
standards of fireblight control are used. Where there is much 
fireblight I doubt it is worth growing.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

--- In nafex@y..., "edforest2010" <edforest55@h...> wrote:
> In my last post I meant to say Flemish Beauty not Clapps Favorite, 
> Honeysweet not Harrow Sweet, so, when I said:
> " . . . one of the best tasting pears for this area, as 
> good as a Comice I'd say, large, evenly textured, but of course 
> susceptible to FB."
> I was referring to Flemish Beauty not Clapps Favorite (I always 
> confuse those two, same number of syllables you know ;)
> Also, when I said Harrow Sweet, I meant Honeysweet. Honeysweeet is 
> most amazingly excellent pear I've had, very sweet and great 

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