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[nafex] fireblight resistance

Del listed pears and their alleged fireblight resistance.
I'll throw in my experience from this season, when we had two nights of 
subfreezing temperatures during the peak of pear bloom.

Clapp's Favorite was hit hard - I pruned out over 50% of a 6-7 year-old 
tree trying to get ahead of it.
Summercrisp - lost about half of a 3 yr tree
Keiffer - sporadic damage, but I pretty much let it run its course on this 
Korean Giant (Asian) hard hit - lost about half the 5 year-old tree.

Ubileen, Seckel, Orient, Lawson's Early June Sugar, Warren, Magness, 
Luscious, and Ayers unaffected.
Chojuro, Niitaka, and Singo(Shinko) were also unscathed.

Several of the apples in the orchard were also hit pretty hard - 
Spitzenburg & Pink Pearl probably took the hardest hits.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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