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[nafex] Medicinal uses of Phalsa(Grewia asiatica)


              Phalsa is a shrub or small tree, which if allowed to grow naturally, can attain a height upto 12 feet.  It sheds leaves during winter goes into dormancy for short duration.  As it bears fruits only on current seasons growth, so it is pruned to a height of 30 inches every year.  The fruits are small, seedy but juicy, 6-8 mm in diameter, dark purple at maturity.

             A very refreshing drink is made from the fresh phalsa juice.  This is very popular during the hot summer months and sold at fruit juice stalls in big cities.

             The ripe fruits are sweet with a pleasant blend of acid and having a cooling effect on body.  These are tonic and aphrodisiac.  The fruits allay thirst and burning sensation, remove and cure inflammations.  These are said to be good for heart and blood disorders, fevers and diarrhoea.  The fruit is also good for the troubles of throat.  It also helps to remove the dead foetus.  The unripe fruits remove VATA and cause KAPHA and biliousness  

            The bark of phalsa plant cures biliousness and VATA.  It also cures urinary troubles and the burning in vagina.  An infusion of the bark is used as a demulcent.  

 The root is used in strangury, gleet and gonorrhoea.  The root bark is used by Santhal tribals use the root bark for rheumatism.

 The leaves are used as an application to pustular eruptions.  Buds of phalsa  are also prescribed by some physicians.

From:  Dr. Chiranjit Parmar 

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