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Re: [nafex] drought

Just a thought on saving household water for irrigating plants.

We have a two story house and our bathroom is quite a distance from the hot water heater.

About two gallons of cold water must be dumped prior to hot water issuing from the tap. Rather than collect the water, I have purchase a circulating pump that pushes the cold water from the hot water tap into the cold water line. There is a temperature sensor that automatically shuts off the pump when warm water begins to be pumped. The result is that we have hot showers without wasted cold water going down the drain. There is a remote device that allows the pump to be trigger from the kitchen so cold water is not wasted there either.The washing machine is just six from the hot water heater so that is not a problem.

Two gallons per use may not sound lot much of a savings, but when multiplied by the number of your family's daily showers and dish washing, the savings can make a contribution towards outdoor irrigation needs without the challenge of using greywater to irrigate your valuable plants.

New houses being built in our area now are required to include solar hot water panels and recirculating hot water pumps in their design plans.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA 

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