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[nafex] Re: drought

Last I heard (sometime last month) that the NWS "long-range forecast" 
(which IMO is about as accurate as me reading tea leaves (i.e. NOT))
was that the next 3 months was predicted to be wetter than normal.

I'm concerned myself, but in my yard (High clay content (particularly 
in subsoil), and high water table (I believe)) the soil moisture 
still seems ideal.  So, I'm proceeding pretty much as normal (but am 
keeping a close eye on the weather.

Here in SE PA, it was the dryest (or one of the dryest) Februaries on 

over 1" rain on Saturday (Yeah!).

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex@y..., Ginda Fisher <ginda@c...> wrote:
> I was planning on putting in several shrubs this spring (including 
> couple of currants, so this isn't entirely off-topic) but we've had 
> unusually warm and dry winter, and I'm worried we'll have a drought 
> summer.  I can probably water anyway (my town rarely has tight 
> restrictions - every-other day is about as bad as I've seen it) but 
> wonder if I ought to just wait a year.
> In some ways, how much it rains during the spring and summer may be 
> important to success than how wet the winter was, but if it's 
> dry, maybe more water would be needed.  And then, even if we don't 
> real watering restrictions, I don't want to be wasteful in a dry 
> Any thoughts?
> Ginda FIsher
> eastern Mass, zone 6

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