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[nafex] RE: Hawthorn as pear rootstock

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Lon wrote:
>Very true.  I have some pears on Crataegus douglasii (a local native
>species) that I grafted about 30 years ago.

I've got Ubileen grafted onto native cockspur hawthorn(C.crusgalli) 
understock, and budded some 'old Southern' pear varieties I collected on a 
trip back home to Alabama onto some larger hawthorn seedlings I'd lifted out 
of the cow pasture. Some took while others appear to have failed - with the 
limited numbers I placed, I can't swear that failures weren't due to an error 
on my part, but my next question for the group is:

Are there any pear varieties that are known not to be compatible with 
hawthorn, as is the case with quince?  Or, will most Euro & Asian pears work 
on hawthorn?

Lucky Pittman

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