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Re: [nafex] Pear Rootstock

In a message dated 3/12/2002 8:28:17 AM Central Standard Time, 
inter.verbis@atreide.net writes:

> Hi Rob, 
> I am using the wild variety of Hawthorn that grows spontaneously in my part 
> of the world. (Québec, 30 miles north of Ottawa, zone 4 going on 3 as 
> someone described it recently).
> To get back to the original subject of fireblight brought up by Doreen, all 
> I can add is that I have noticed a bit of fireblight last year on some 
> trees grafted on pyrus ussuriensis and none on pear trees grafted on 
> Hawthorn. It is merely an observation though as there are other factors and 
> the experiment started two years ago. In a few years, I will have the same 
> varieties established on both pyrus ussuriensis (is this correct Nathan?) 
> and Hawthorne and then we shall see...
> Hélène

Bonjour Helene,

The major Hawthorne down here in Louisiana is C. opaca, the Mayhaw, Zone 8b.  
I not aware of anyone using it as a pear rootstock, but is a interesting 
prospect.  We do get fireblight on hawthorne down here in some years.  Scales 
are also very serious problem.

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