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Re: key lime

Thanks.  I have a potted Myers lemon, which fruits some.  It's a silly
idea to try with a key lime, since I think those are harder.  Still, . .
. what's life without some challenges.

(The lemon doesn't get enough sun most of the year.)


> redherring@tnaccess.com wrote:
> Ginda, My parents in Florida always have a Key lime tree, and have
> planted many seedlings.  The seedlings are always ver thorny, and
> never crop.  They would eventually, in 5-7 years, but my parents
> always chuck them out before then.  Citrus seedlings suffer from
> "prolonged juvenility" which means thorniness and no crops.  Seedlings
> also produce less for the space.  You'd do better with Meyer lemon
> anyway.  Cuttings do well, if you know someone to send you a few.
> Donna