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Re: [nafex] Re: Chipmunk/squirrel control follow-up

Have any of you ever owned a Jack Russell terrier?  I realize the squirrels
are in the trees most of the time, but I think these aggressive little dogs
would make life on the ground very difficult, if not fatal.  I don't know
how well they would work, but I suggest that at least one of you try getting
hold of a local breeder and maybe invite them over for supper (not to pick
peaches, right?) and have them bring their dogs for a run.  Or offer to
board their dogs for  free when they go on vacation.  Then report back to
us.  As for possums, our dog (half border collie, half blue heeler)controls
them fine,  but I wish she could do something about the coons that get a
couple chickens and about half our corn every year.  Fortunately she has
quit trying to do anything about the skunks.  When the skunk diggings showed
up this year, I got a funny feeling, as they'd worked where the ground was
spongy with vole tunnels.  Sure enough, the book says that in the spring,
skunks main food is voles.  I just wish I knew a way to encourage the skunks
to hunt more in our garden.  Donna

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