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Re: [nafex] Rabbits

Dr. Parmar wrote:

In most parts of India, rabbit meat is liked very much.  So people trap
kill them for meat.  Consequently there is no problem of rabbits.  Their 
population is very less.

My reply:

In some areas over here it is also highly favored.   The trouble is there
are a bunch of nut-cases running around who treat them like some
endangered species.   Seriously, in ,my area you can only take them
during part of the year...guns are banned within the city limits, and
trapping is totally illegal.   So I guess we are suppose to chase them
around and wrestle them into submission.

I make mention this as a form of cultural exchange for Dr. Parmar as it
may seem kind of odd how we can be overrun by rabbits(geese, ducks), when
in fact they do make excellant eating.

Wishing all of you the best,



Dr. Parmar, I am working on a reply
to the question you sent me.   I did not
wish to send you a reply without giving it
th econsideration I feel it merits.  
It shall be forthcoming.

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