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[nafex] Japanese Beetles-Any Solution?

I had a chance to ask a local radio program horticulturist for a
solution to the Japanese Beetle problem and he just shook his head and
told me that the traps that people put out don't do much but waste the
gardeners' money. The oil in the can bit seems to get more of them but
doesn't decrease them decernibly.
I've finally got a good crop of plum and apples in SC but am losing them
due to these critters. I hate to use Sevin 'cause of my honey bees.
Anyone tried milky spore disease? I know it doesn't work on the adults
but I'll try it this fall if it will reduce them. I have a bumper crop
of figs and muscadines and I'm sure not looking forward to the June Bug
hatch coming up soon.
The Japanese Beetles raise cane with my asparagus but at least the crop
season is over by the time they hatch. It still must damage and weaken
the plants though.
Any ideas about non-toxic repellents or biologicals? I'm being forced to
take up golf and give up on this fruit production. Getting tired of
feeding these beetles, fire ants (got two hives of my bees) and June
Bugs (ruin all my late figs, [LSUs,Sals,Almas,Brown Turkeys and
Celeste]) Thanks for any info! Doc Lisenby, Zone 8/7

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