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Re: [nafex] Deer Damage

Kieran or Donna wrote:
> Don, maybe you need to start a plants rights activist group, and petition
> the county govt to do something about the problem for the sake of plants,
> reforestation, etc.  There's a great book, weird title, somehting like
> "Heart and blood" about deer overpopulation.  The stories esp about 2
> islands were very revealing.  The native plants (there's a lot of people go
> ape about protecting native flora) were being eaten into the ground, and the
> Carolina island studied was losing it's stabilizing plant cover.  The deer
> were in poor condition too.  The author said in EVERY case, the same BS had
> to be gone through due to Bambi lovers.  First nothing, then attempts at
> catching and moving Bambi, then Bambi birth control, then if Bambi didn't
> die out due to a harsh winter, finally the govt let someone shoot some
> Bambi's.
>     I get real worked up about armchair naturalists.  I like deer as much as
> anyone else (esp served up at dinnertime), but life is full of harsh
> realities that Bambi lovers dont' have to deal with in TV land Nature
> documentaries.  They don't explain on TV about how populations mushroom if
> unchecked, if they did, they might get someone to applying the same math to
> the human population, (which is fast approaching the crash point about now).
> It's also hard to see a tick on TV.   I do like deer, but I don't want so
> many they have to feed on my garden, and I don't want to catch Lyme disease
> from them.  Donna
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Nor do I want that weird strain of E. coli in my cider (if I ever get
enough apples). Any chance of getting it in persimmon beer? Deer seem to
like them as well as apples. I don't pasteurize it either. Doc Lisenby
Zone 8 [Donna, had any elder blossoms yet?]

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