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Re: [nafex] deer prevention

I wonder if some monofilament is more visible than others.  Someone
hypothesized on this board that deer are spooked by feeling something
they can't see.  Certainly, they will push over a wire fence that is
much stronger than a monofilament fence.

Does it help to put the monofilament where it will be shaded at dusk?

Sam Franc wrote:
> I tried that this summer in two locations.
> It is all broken down at this time except one line they duck under.
> I watched one occassion where they just ran right through one section.
> I had 3 levels up in most locations.
> They must just push on it as they try to eat the best parts because some on
> the posts were pushed over before the line broke.
> Sam
> mike tomlinson wrote:
> > I read somewhere that stringing mono/fishing line around an orchard
> > will help to keep deer out of the area.  Can someone give me the
> > drill on how I should set up such a system. One line? or two or
> > three? How high, etc? pound test? Thanks
> > Mike Tomlinson
> > zone6 SE PA
> >

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