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[nafex] Chipmunk/squirrel control follow-up

Title: Chipmunk/squirrel control follow-up


If you do have a remedy, send the recipe my way as well.

Sheridan, IN

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On the squirrel check out times....
Does the remedy work for problem chipmunks as well as non check out squirrels?
If so, please forward to me privately as some of the varmint folks may be uncomfortable
knowing this may be sensitive in nature. (No pun intended).

Best wishes,

Don Yellman wrote:

> For Bill Russell:
>     I have had that same problem with wild walnut trees for quite a few
> years, and, I am sorry to say, have found the only remedy to be the
> garden fork.  They have a long, powerful taproot which develops very
> quickly, and the squirrels often plant the nuts 6-8 inches deep.  You
> have to get most of that root out.  I also have significant numbers of
> wild oaks, another project of the squirrels, and wild mulberries, which
> are dropped by birds.  These can also be pretty tough once established,
> so I try to get them early by pulling them up.  I suppose you could use
> roundup on these things, but they are often in the most awkward places,
> near bushes and plants, and I am not certain that one shot with roundup
> would be effective anyway.
>     The other part of this equation is squirrel control.  I have a
> remedy for that, but it may not be for everyone.  Squirrels check in to
> my yard, but they don't check out.  I am seeing fewer walnut and oak
> trees, and much lower losses of peaches and pears.
> Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA
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