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Re: [nafex] Ultimate deer prevention

"AMEN"  Bernie!!!....................vic

Bernie Nikolai wrote:

> After years of trying many things to prevent deer damage, free ranging dogs
> (got run over repeatedly at night), wolf scent (works, but only for 3 or 4
> weeks), eggs (ditto), etc. I found the perfect solution.  An 8 ft. gamewire
> fence.
> Why fight it?  Its the ONLY thing that works long term.  Cost in Canadian
> dollars is about $1 per ft. if you put the fence up yourself.  The wire was
> $300 (Canadian, $195 US) for each 330 ft. roll, and the 10 ft. pressure
> treated posts were about $10 each.  I simply cemented in the corner posts
> and every 10th post on the side run, and spaced the other posts 20 ft.
> apart, tamping them in with a metal bar and garden soil.
> Since money and time are concerns to all of us, use the "swiss cheese"
> method of problem solving.  Take little bites out of the problem until its
> gone.  Perhaps put in the posts this coming spring.  Next year or later in
> the summer erect a roll or two of wire.  Take a few years to finish the job
> if necessary. Time passes very quickly for all of us.  After all, how old
> will we be if it takes 7 years to very slowly erect an 8 ft. gamewire fence?
> Now, how old will we be in 7 years if we don't erect a fence?  We have all
> read and reread the many posts on deer control.  Since the ONLY thing that
> works long term is an 8 ft. fence, why fight it?  Just do it.  Life is too
> short to fret.
> Bernie Nikolai
> Edmonton, Alberta
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