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Re: [nafex] Squirrel Control

Hey, all, based on the below------NAFEX could initiate a roadkill recipe book
featuring fallen fruits!!!!!!  Jeez, I can see 'em bucks pouring into 'em
coffers now--------ain't it wunderful-----livin' here is z' states where
anything, regardless of degree of appearing to be initially bizarre-----can
become a fascination!!!
     Jacq, I'll be a' lookin' in Pomona to see if ole Lon can find a chair for
"RoadKill Etiquette", etc.
     Donna, I still do luvs you very much simply because you can still spark
humor in me old brain!!

     Just a thought.

Ed (So. Indiana, heaven, etc) yet another day in paradise!

Kieran or Donna wrote:

> Don,
> Squirrel stew, yum, I can hardly wait till they move in at our place!  Will
> be watching for a secondhand pellet gun in the meanwhile!
> I'm serious, I ran over a squirrel recently, just hit the head, and wasn't
> about to let it go to waste.  I had tasted squirrel only once, on a visit to
> my grandparents when I was a little kid.  When I served up the stew, I only
> wished I could have gotten two of them.  We have just a few chickens, and
> the old hens make a soup rivaled only by game.  Now and then the dog gets a
> rabbit, which I confiscate for, again, great soup!  Donna
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