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Re: [nafex] Squirrel Control

Well Gordon, pellets work just as well on bluejays.  Might call for a bit
steadier hand.  Happy hunting.  Instead of hanging CD's in the trees, you might
try playing one out there.  Try rap music.   Don Yellman

"Gordon C. Nofs" wrote:

> I want to know how to remove Bluejays. They cleared three trees of hardy
> Pecans, after they got most of the Filberts they shared with the squirrels.
> Then they spent the rest of the fall flying off with carpathian walnuts.
> They are a very shy bird. I have a lot over a 100 CDs sent from internet
> sources. That I am going to put into some of the trees. That shiny
> reflective surface may scare them. They got about 40# of hardy pecans.
> 3.  Fill the feeder with black oil sunflower seed.  You will also
> attract quite a number of beautiful birds, especially cardinals, finches
> and bluejays, and the squirrels will come to the seed before anything
> else in your yard.
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