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[nafex] Rodent Damage

Hello List,

Yesterday, I finished moving whips into a small nursery area in my
backyard, in preparation of grafting in the spring.  As I finished the job
I wondered to myself if I should bother with rodent protection.

I convinced myself that living in a subdivision of houses, with very few
trees, that I didn't have anything to fear from rodents knawing my whips.

To make sure I hand not brought any disease into the nursery, I sprayed
the whips with a combo spray of lime/sulfur and Vlok oil.

Well I might as well sprayed them with salt and pepper, as today all the
trees have some damage, to varying degrees.

The most damaged looks like spots on a dalmation pup (1" long x 1/2"
wide"). None of them are girdled (thank goodness), but what should I do
for the spots of missing bark?  Winter is coming.  Should I seal them with
grafting wax?

Just want to stress to all the other neophites that rodent protection is a
MUST.  Don't be fooled by where you are, the darn vermin are everywhere!

Just bought a bundle of plastic, spiral tree guards, but it is too late.
It only took them 1 night to find and feed on the trees.

Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

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