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Re: [nafex] Rabbits

Rabbits follow the same trail so closely that one way to catch them is to
hang a snare loop at head height in the path.  The rabbit runs right into
the snare on their regular trip down the path and is garrotted.  I don't
personally do this as rabbits aren't a problem here.
>From: Tom Olenio <tolenio@sentex.net>
>To: nafex@egroups.com
>Subject: [nafex] Rabbits
>Date: Mon, Dec 25, 2000, 9:09 AM

>Hi All,
>I noticed something in the habits of a rabbit that passes
>through my back yard almost nightly.
>1)  It usually follows the same route.
>2)  If there is a path in the snow, the rabbit  sticks to
>the path
>I only noticed this, as this season it is snowing most every
>other day, and I can observe the rabbit tracks in the
>With these observations, I used my snow blower to make a
>path through the snow that bypasses my fruit trees and berry
>bushes.  I started the path where the rabbit usually enters,
>and ended it where it usually exits my backyard.
>With a snow cover of about 18 inches right now, my path
>makes a shoot that directs the rabbits through and away from
>my seedlings, currants, and grapes..
>Does anyone know for sure if rabbits do indeed follow the
>same nightly foraging route?
>This technique is working for me so far, but it will only
>work as long as the snow is deep enough.
>Just finished my calculations to see if the dog will survive
>chocolate poisoning (hopefully, not a yearly ritual with
>small kids).  There is a formula if anyone needs to
>calculate it.
>Oh yes...  The dog will live to chase rabbits another day.
>I am keeping my fingers crossed on the vomiting and diarrhea
>though.  8^)
>Merry Christmas,
>Thomas Olenio
>Ontario, Canada
>Hardiness Zone 6a

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