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Re: [nafex] deer apple preferences

I also have some apples grafted to a shrubby crab, and have noticed the
same thing.  All of the low grafts have been nibbled.  I haven't been
able to find any damage to the stock.

del stubbs wrote:
>         Well, looks like 2 of my posts are gone forever so I'll try to condense
> them here.  I have yet not been able to get throught the yahoo blockade, my
> wife has her own yahoo goup account and that just plays havoc....we'll see
> if they respond to my pleas---i can"t access the archives!......anywho
>         Bill's Plumcot, a scion i bouight from the deer Bearcreek folk before they
> went into hibernation.   Non of the  grafts from it took last spring, I put
> them on manchurian apricot and on prunus americana.  Bought it on a whim
> thinking the cross might make for a more cold tolerant 'apricot'. So far my
> whip and tongue grafts have run 50 to 90%success so I don"t think it was
> technique.
> Does anyone have apricot crosses i could try a stick of?
>         Deer tastes.....last spring a friend invited me over to graft some domestic
> apples onto his existing crab.  this thing was immense, a drip line of at
> least 30'  I just could not picture climbing a ladder to hack off 6'
> branches to try to get grafts to grow.  Then i noticed a small apple growing
> nearby in the thin adjacent forest....I've heard of maple bush, well this
> was apple bush.  Any size I could choose from, so i meerily went about
> grafting saplings to a dozen varieties, many of them top grafted 4 or 5' up
> within the branches of the exiting little tree.  15 out of 16 took and
> prospered.  Late summer i went back for a check and the deer had sniffed out
> each graft among all the crab branches and nailed all of the 12 varieties!
> The crab leaves left virtually untouched.   So folkes, me thinks its not
> just the fruit that is sweeter.
>         Bernie, thanks for the Zone 3 apple dwarf article in Pomona. The ottawa 3
> orchard i heard of when i was at a seminar north of
> saskatoon, would you have the owners address or email? could send it to me
> privately if needed.   You've whetted my interest in Bud 490
>         Lon, thankyou for the Mycorrhizal Fungi series!  the soil flora is a
> fascinating adendum, what else don't we know about plants?
>         Minnesota Del Z2b
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