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[nafex] Handbook

I joined NAFEX years ago and received a copy of the handbook with the membership. After allowing my membership to laps for some years I have recently rejoined.

When I sent in the fee I requested a copy of the handbook if available and sent in extra for it as it was not mentioned on the web site as included with membership.

I included a letter stating if the handbook was no longer available to put me down for a 2 year membership instead.

It seems I received the two year membership but did not receive any information regarding the status of the handbook... other than that there are plans to publish it on the website as mentioned in POMONA.

Does anyone know anything regarding the availability of the "Handbook For Fruit Explorers"? I really enjoyed the publication. It contains some of the most truely inspiring writing I have ever encountered.

If I could give any assistance as far as getting it published on the website I would happily do so.

Tom Booth

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