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[nafex] Copyrights, online or pirate


Do we have a FAQ that addresses issues like copyrights?

(Pontification warning)
I have great admiration for anybody who lives by their wits.  And that
includes anybody who writes for a living, like Dan, Lon and Doreen. 
They have to be pretty agile and quick-witted to survive.  They do not
have the "margin" that duffers like me have, so they *must* be more
protective of their livelihood.

NAFEX does not really exist as a corporate entity.  It is a motley
collection of people.  There is no team of crack lawyers ready to swoop
down on unscrupulous corporations that would steal Dan's, Lon's or
Doreen's words.  It is up to them to find and defend.

The most Orwellian outcome would be a catalog that "lifts" a NAFEX
member's words and then prosecutes  the original author when he/she
reuses them in a commercial article.

Incidently, everything written above also applies to those who move in
academic circles.  It really grinds my fundemental to see a catalog with
drivel like "Honeysweet pear, so special *we* patented it!!!"  Last time
I looked, Purdue University owned the patent.

                                                     -Joe Hecksel
                                                      Eaton Rapids,

Comfort the afflicted.
Afflict the comfortable.

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