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Re: [nafex] copyright issues

Snipping a paragraph, and sharing it with a single person who just asked
you about that topic, in a noncommercial setting, with attribution, is
almost certainly legal under "fair use" of copywrited material.  (You
can do quite a lot under fair use.)  The issue in this case is
politeness.  NAFEX has members who don't want their material distributed
this way.  I would suggest that these members indicate that (perhaps by
including a note in their signature) but I don't think it is
unreasonable to respect that.

I agree that republishing a long piece for money, or without
attribution, is beyond the pale, and I assume the members of this list
all know that.  Making an official policy against theft won't stop it.


edforest55@hotmail.com wrote:
> I intend to respond fully to some of the posts on this issue.
> especially to Greg's post, but first I just want to say briefly that
> what Dan and Kevin M are objecting to are not just the outlandish
> rarities such as copying a persons material at length and publishing
> it elsewhere without crediting the author nor splitting some of the
> proceeds with the original author butfor profit, which I can't see
> any NAFEX member doing, but rather they object to taking even a
> paragraph of their post and sharing it with another for educational
> purposes, even if they are credited for it.
> To ask permission for such a tidbit of info would take a day to go to
> the author, get a response and then and then try to find the original
> questioner to post him the answer. No one has time for that, to make
> restrictions so rigid means that the question will simply go
> unanswered.
> Kevin B
> By the way, perhaps someone might explain to me why they consider
> this subject to be off- topic.

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