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[nafex] copyrights and membership

I am all for copyrights.  I am all for being a member of NAFEX.  I am 
a member of NAFEX.  Some of my best friends are members....   Uh, wait 
a minute....  I guess that is not exactly true.  What is exactly true 
is that I am the only person I know who is a member of NAFEX.  Oh 
well, if I knew any persons who were members of NAFEX, they would be 
some of my best friends.  

   I have not recently profited, nor do I expect in the future to 
profit from distributing pirated intellectual property.   I would say 
this about the discussion:  while I respect the legal position that 
says that a post to a list like this has implicit copyright 
protection, my personal experience is that the vast majority of 
material is posted without any intent to take advantage of that 
protection.  If I were wishing to benefit from that protection, I 
would make it clear within each post.  Furthermore, the only thing I 
cut and paste are bad jokes, and when I do that I NEVER give 
attribution, unless they are not funny, in which case I give full 
attribution.  Having said that, I think most of the kind of cutting 
and pasting members to this list would do would fall under the fair 
use exception which has been bruited here already.  

   It is always nice to obtain permission from an author and to give 
attribution.  I am not opposed to permission or attribution.  I am 
further not opposed to privacy concerns, dalmations or little girls 
with pigtails.  I do oppose chopping down old growth redwood, 
torturing puppies and serving bad food.

   Occasionally, posts to this list strike me as unfriendly, perhaps a 
little shrill and almost phobic.  The posts generally are on the 
subject of (1) who should post to this list and (2) what they should 
post about.  It makes me smile that one of the things that will fill 
my mailbox the quickest is a good thread about off-topic posts. 

   My vote is that folks are free to join this list if they wish and 
to contribute as they wish. We can (and do, at length) self police.   
My advice to non Nafexers is that you ought to join, if for no other 
reason than that you receive library privileges. 


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