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Re: [nafex] Spamming

Dr. Parmar has had ads (or maybe articles) in Pomona for years. Before I joined
NAFEx, I was given several years of POMONA, going back to the first issue and
continuing to the Nineties. Dr. Parmar had ads in many issues, and always about
the samedeal. He offered information on an obscure (to us) plant, and at the end
he offered to sell the plant.

I didn't intend to seem critical of Dr. Parmar when I said he doesn't enter the
discussions, only to point out this may be the real irritant factor.

One other point. Dr. Parmar posts his ads, maybe one per month. Then we have a
somewhat heated exchange about it that takes up fifty or so more posts. As a
means of getting us talking, He is awesome! LOL

So Dr. Parmar, what do you do to assure that we are not importing viruses, bugs,
and such?


>Dr. Parmar has responded to some of us with personal e-mails.  He had read
>that I am conducting field trials on early ripening apple varieties in
>Alaska, and he e-mailed me about a sub-Himalayan Persimmon that might be
>compatable with our climate.  There was no mention of or solicitation for
>his book in that e-mail.  I only learned about his book later when he
>spammed all of us.  I think he is sincere about getting the information out
>on what must be some very interesting varieties of fruit, and his book is
>probably a very interesting read.  It is his method of solicitation that we
>object to.
>We all noticed in the last issue of Pomona that George Stilphen is offering
>a second printing of his book "The Apples of Maine".  Is this the method
>that Dr. Parmar should have taken to offer his book to the members of NAFEX
>Jerry Appleseed
>>From: "Bruce & Joyce" <markie-ct@mail.chouteautel.com>
>>To: <nafex@egroups.com>
>>Subject: Re: [nafex] Spamming
>>Date: Wed, Nov 22, 2000, 4:21 PM
>> Part of the reason for not liking Parmar's ads may well be that he never
>> in the discussions. It seems that this is just a place for him to send ads,
>> it isn't well received. This is a discussion group, and he doesn't discuss.
>> Joyce
>>> Maybe I just don't understand the philosophy of NAFEX'ers.
>>>I will simply say that I agree with this comment.
>>>-lon Rombough

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