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Re: [nafex] Spamming!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Gordon,

Since this fellow had already been warned not to do this (remember the
computer virus he spread last time), and the Egroups policy regarding SPAM, I
have turned him in to the Egroup's SPAM authorities.

They may just delete him from all his subscribed groups, and not let him
re-enter any of the Egroups groups.

It is against the user agreement to "harvest" Egroup email addresses and then
SPAM members.

This fellow had a number of chances, and now Egroups can deal with it.

Don't get me wrong... I have no problem with a casual reference to a
business, or a signature that has your business name and contact information,
but blatant, self promoting SPAM from start to finish is where I draw the

Sorry to waste the list time on this again.



"Gordon C. Nofs" wrote:

> I to have received many of these. I have put a block on him, but he still
> comes through. I do not read any of his stuff anymore. It goes right to
> trash with the rest of my junk mail.
>        Gordon C. Nofs
> *********************************************************
> Dear NAFEX List Owner,
> To my dismay I have discovered that Chiranjit Parmar is
> SPAMming me directly, and not through the NAFEX egroup.
> I have sent him an email, requesting him to cease and desist
> sending me SPAM to me.
> The bothersome aspect is that he is collecting email
> addresses from the NAFEX egroup, and then spamming those
> members directly.
> I realize this is totally out of NAFEX's control, but I wish
> to bring it to your attention.
> My email software is now "tuned" to discard any incoming
> eamil messages from Chiranjit Parmar, whether it comes
> through NAFEX's egroup, or directly from him.
> Other members may wish to take similar steps to avoid the
> Sorry to have to bring this to your attention.
> Regards,
> Tom
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> Thomas Olenio
> Ontario, Canada
> Hardiness Zone 6a
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Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 6a

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