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Re: [nafex] Re: Online AND Print

In a message dated 12/06/00 8:41:21 AM, tolenio@sentex.net writes:

<< Email is a great tool but Pomona via email would be a very large read, and 
don't think that many would avail themselves of it after seeing how large a 
it is on-line. [snip]>>

Well, neither of these guesses is right.  HortIdeas, which is a significant 
publication, is 96K in its last download.  Of course it comes as an email 
attachment--perhaps i wasn't clear about that.  They are using Envoy at the 
moment, which is much more flexible in terms of reading that most word 
processing documents.  They are considering a switch to Adobe Acrobat because 
Envoy may not be available in the future.  (?)  This is a universally 
available program.  I don't know ifyou can magnify the pages in 
Acrobat--never tried--but even if not, good computers come with software to 
magnify everything.  Acrobat reader is free.  I just got the full Acrobat 
program, but haven't had time to load it up and play with it yet.  I want it 
to use in my onnline course to improve my capability of sharing images with 
the class.

There are many of us who would PREFER an online version because it is 
searchable.  While HortIdeas, the online version costs less because it cost 
less to deliver.  However I would willingly pay more than the print version 
because it is more valuable.  I have a gazillion old POMONAS from decades 
back, but I never have time to search through them when I want information.  
With the online publications I receive, it is easy for me to find the info 
when I need it.  I don't have time to read and catalog everything, but I 
download everything i may need in the future.  Again, this is only useful if 
the magazine is delivered to my email address.  I couldn't give a fart and a 
half for anything on a web page.  I'm willing to pay for the convenience of 
delivery.  If I were ever to want a newspaper, I wouldn't go the printing 
plant to get it--I'd have it delivered.  The point of using these 
technologies is convenience.  If we put the material on the web, the most over
blown overestimated technoology since the hand held chicken plucker (sell you 
one cheap!), then forget it.   I'll continue to get the print version because 
some months I have time to at least glance at it.

WE HAD THIS EXACT DISCUSSION LAST YEAR.  People with short memories should 
use the archives more.

Dan Hemenway
Barking Frogs Permaculture Center  
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