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[nafex] Re: Online AND Print

> When I first joined this list that was my first post, I was told it 
was a
> condition.   When I joined the board of directors I was also told 
it was
> a condition.  

I thought this was the case also.

>However apparently it is not being enforced.  

I think currently registration is automatic (I'm not sure Greg has 
the time to manually review requests for membership to the list, and 
even if he did, does he have access to the membership list to be able 
to do that review?)

The "protection" currently is that the list is not published in the 
egroups directory.  But if a NAFEX member tells someone outside the 
organization about the list, I don't believe there's anything 
preventing them from joining.

Greg - is what I'm saying accurate?

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

As to my opinion on whether non-NAFEX members should be on the list, 
I am of mixed opinion, with a slight leaning towards having the list 
restricted.  Perhaps trial memberships to the list should be allowed -
if after 3 to 6 months on the list and you haven't joined NAFEX you 
should be barred.  But I believe this would put a big onus on Greg.

On the other hand, egroups (as far as I am aware) does not cost NAFEX 
anything, so what's the harm in having non-NAFEX members?  

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