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Re: [nafex] Re: Online AND Print

In a message dated 12/07/00 9:41:20 AM, prcenter@webtv.net writes:

<< Putting POMONA... or the NAFEX Handbook on the web...(as discussed by the 
board of directors (Pomona Fall 2000 pg. 76) would not be, I don't think, 
primarily for the "convenience" of members... who already have copies of 
their own... But as a free educational service to the public at large. My 
personal feeling is this would be VERY worthwile and in the "SPIRIT" of NAFEX.

Frankly, my vote as one member of this organization is that people have to 
pay for the benefits of membership, just as I do.  I don't subscribe to the 
"everything should be free" mentality and run off pretty fast any in my space 
who does.  If I make contributions to POMONA, and I do, I don't want to make 
them free to the universe, but as a contribution to a group that as a whole 
makes contributions that benefit me too.  It is not necessary to balance the 
totals there, but it is necessary for me to have some measure of control on 
my work.  When I get an inquiry from someone who read something in Pomona, I 
want to know that I am addressing a NAFEX member and not a freeloader who 
taps into the resources NAFEX generated while contributing nothing, not even 
dues.  If the board votes to put someone's work out there for anyone to 
access, I think the authors should be advised in advance so that they can 
withdraw their work if they see fit.  No one has a right to give away the 
resources of another.  I might still contribute, but I surely would 
contribute more "boiler  plate" and less unpaid consulting, and aim my 
messages at generating some income from the unpaid audience.  Once the 
dedicated oldtimers are gone from the scene, who will bother to pay dues and 
keep the service coming?  

Regarding back issues, my original suggestion is that they be put on a CD-ROM 
and not put on the web.  Who is going to do the work if it is given away 
after so that they can't get a modest royalty for their effort.  Electronic 
communism is going to perish just like the material form did, not because 
either are inherently evil, but because they promote an increase in consumers 
and a dwindling of producers.


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