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[nafex] Re: Online AND Print

I think the price for Pomona should remain the same, whether the 
member opts to receive it via e-mail or real mail.

For one thing, not everyone has access to the Internet.  You can say, 
"Well, it's high time they come upt ot speed," but that discounts 
some members, particularly older ones who may not have the capability 
or incilination to become computer literate.  There are also some 
people for whom a computer is prohibitively expensive.

I think what is really important is how we intend to use Pomona.  I 
happen to have an extensive collection of this periodical which I 
keep for reference.

Yes, it is true that computers can make possible a considerable 
savings in paper.  However, there is probably not one of us who could 
save a Pomona's worth of paper in a single week by being more 
environmentally conscious.

For myself, I like my hard copies of Pomona.  And (horrors!) I've got 
the bad habit of printing out emails and other articles that I find 
on the web for my paper files.--Sam Brungardt, Saint Paul, Minn.

>For those of you who would like your copy of Pomona on paper, please
>reconsider, we're talking about a lot of paper here and fossil fuels
>for shipping. Its the little things like this that really add up. Our
>planet is in self destruct mode because of our over- spending of its
>resources. Computers give us the opportunity to save vast quantities
>of paper and shipping. Lets take advantage of it! We CAN change our
>habits, with a little creativity. (such as to skim the online version
>for those article that you really need to read 'by the fire' and
>print them out yourself, or to save the online version and read bits
>of it at a time if its too big a read all at once.)
>I am fairly certain that the NAFEX board or editors will eventually
>give us the option of an online version, I think that we should move
>towards a trend of higher prices for the printed version and lowered
>prices for the online one.
>Kevin B

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