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Re: [nafex] Yahoo terms of serive


I mentioned this once before, and I will again at this time.

There is no reason that I know of why the NAFEX egroup could not be run
directly from the WWW.NAFEX.ORG server.

There is FREE egroup software (majordomo, cgi and perl scripts) all over
the web, we already maintain the NAFEX web page and domain name, and an
egroup with archives could be set up in very short order.

Once in place however, there are those that would argue terms of service
for another decade and still not agree.

So there are options, just no concensus.  But then if NAFEX controlled
their own egroup, on their own site, the NAFEX board of directors could
set the terms, and you either join or take a hike.

Plenty of options out there.  Just need cooperation and inspiration.

Possibly the NAFEX web master, and the NAFEX egroup moderator could
address the possibility of such a NAFEX controlled egroup.  We are already
nine tenths of the way there.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Fluffy Bunny wrote:

> Dan wrote:
> Due to the takeover of e-groups by Yahoo and the  (apparent) erosioin of 
> NAFEX control of terms of service and our discussion, I have decided to 
> (attempt to) unsubscribe.
> My reply:
> What are the issues.  (I don't have "net" access or I would look.   For
> those who are curious I get my messages from a VPN that does not allow
> any Internet access at all).   I presume the disclose our E-mails and via
> links to our ISP tracking number tie it to your real address via you
> monthly method of payment?
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