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Re: [nafex] Yahoo terms of serive

In a message dated 01/29/01 7:36:20 PM, ginda@concentric.net writes:

<< Dan, one thing I found after registering was an address to unsubscribe. 
If you are having trouble, let me know and I will mail it to you.  (I
don't recall what it was, and will have to log on to get it.)

I will miss you.

Ginda >>

Thanks, Ginda:
    Well, I'm not dead, just unsubscribed.  I've been uncomfortable with the 
NAFEX list since the latest discussion of copyright and Doreen's suggestion 
that everyone read the new TOS was all I needed.  Thie list has gotten too 
big and so it has been too time consuming.  
    I did successfully unsubscribe.  If I need info from the list, I might 
resubscribe again and then unsubscribe after I figure I've given back more 
than I received.  Most of my questions go unanswered on that list anyway, or 
the answers are so basic that I already knew that much.  
    It is not just the Yahoo takeover though. My bamboo plantations list was 
also taken over and I stayed with that.  In fact, I adapted the unsubscribe 
instructions to get off NAFEX.  
    Thanks for your kind words.  I'm still a contributor to POMONA and also 
the NAFEX consultant on Permaculture, so feel free to direct anything my way 
if you want my comment in either of those capacities, understanding that I 
will probably use the material in my Pomona column.

Dan Hemenway

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