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Re: [nafex] Yahoo

	I fought with them for over 2 weeks, finally got through, it took direct 
e.mails that they get around to in 4-7 days, different problem than yours 
though   good luck!  Mn. Del

>From: "Ed Forest" <edforest55@hotmail.com>
>Reply-To: nafex@yahoogroups.com
>To: nafex@yahoogroups.com
>Subject: [nafex] Yahoo
>Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 04:13:48 -0000

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Greg, has nafex changed form onelist to Yahoo? I have not been able to access the egroups archives on the web page for about a week now. So I tried to join Yahoo, every day I work a little at trying to access Nafex through Yahoo with no success. I registered, gave them my usual email address as their "alternate email address" chose a password and user ID and used them but am not able to access most of their pages, for example, here is what happens- On the Yahoo Groups page I click on account wizard and one time I get a blank screen and the next I get the following: (My messages are in black, please read to the end of this post)


IPT lan6 coage="JavaSiptio"> IP((pe/TLEP((BODYuregcolor="FFFFFF"} opp otex 000000" SCRIP <TAB" name='d"ht/aht/td' ? d c37?ectiling heigh? erSCRIPlor="FFFr emuai].optiaEi]..gifregcolor=266" csrc="http://us.i1.yimg.ndm6" 0? 0_topg3?imgbt="er=" targe href="javascript:void(0);" g3?a -1tign="boselm" width="100%" <truregcolor="FFFFFF" cellspacmai="0" cellpademai="0" fbt="er="gn="middf="/" trge 0> -1tign="miemai="0" cel0"100%"TS<T0ACMAI="0" ? tidth=" nowrap (pname=deHomet/ah opti - opg3?imgbwww.yg d r em" trigh?df="/" wid0egcolor="FFFFF r emuai].optimidd="ng d "t/ah opti - opg3?imgbin.yg d r em/indfig/ef="_prof !h?muatl=us&.done=Ac].opt Infot/ah opti - opg3?imgbhelp.yg d r em/help<TST=Helpt/ah opti tit/tr>r -1tign="mhrg.iz s1> gn="m/td> gnt/tr>r pademai="0" cellspacmai="0" width="100%"TS<TRUREGCOLOR="FFFFF"} targe -1tign="boselm" tceptia 85d="/" .optimiddheigh? 0_t TSCRIef="/" cellllllllllllllllllopg3?imgbrd.yg d r em/M=163361.1315858.2907355.2/D=e gnt/tr>r0" ce <trurecmai="0" FFFF="0" se-1FF="miemai=gcolor=" .izWel emtheeeeeeeeeeeeeed];oo2010 -1tign="midd="/" tarigh""IPT (My opt;pg3?im /iema"/" taleftFF /tr-r163361.13/myp61. Ac].opt Infot/ah opti - &d r em"rd.yg d r eari Out titaleftFF opt; d="/" tarigh""IP0" ce opopg3?imgbtopprt=" w6996Eeeeeddf="/" trge /i/" tariigh""IPTse-1FFe gnt/i/" tar SC < <TABLE%?TS<truregcolor="FFFF22FFF"<FONT3?IMGBTOPPRT,<B010< fvetica="er="PTseTR/" <TR"IPT <><FONT3?IMGBTOPPRT,h;on<B0Nh;o" monTA ses. FONTariighTD>PTseTR/" <TR"I8"iighTD>PTseTR/" <="0" widthi="0" wid0egcolor="Fr="FFFF22or="FFFFF <LOPG3?IMGB="0" cstarii?TbtopnwL60mgb="mSC <%"TS<TRURE1COLOR="FFFF22FFF"}B1FF TTD <TABLEign="boselm"PT TR/"TseTR/" <DCDCDC"GB=" <="0" r taleftFF e widfoiTD -1o? s="k2mgblmlel" ti widtw.wrc=" no" }Do? udopopg3?rt=" no?ti TIT?


So I tried to delete my account and two days later my account was still active,nothing happened, it wouldn't delete and I so I couldn't re-register. When I do a search for Nafex I get the following:


E>E> BODY bgcolor="FFFFFF" < iw<imgr="0" ? <="miiwE d width=="middl"<="mi> reHome < valign=>Acc.mut InfoHelp wi re d wid/td> d h pswi"m_prof?u4f?u4>m bgcolor="FFFFFF" packey="0p://us.850" wi0acniter> <AOTTOM"NT_BLANK&.DONE=HTTP: aM=16 s/AstroWeb.dll?ya?Af=312&De=Femid<="aiiw /s"ntfield468x60a3cellpaALTREE 2TI1 Forecast fr"frAstroer> aM=1!wi"m_pro468/loA> : Se wh pswi wi< BO oups twidth="midd" al - "m_prof?u4srde> re d h pswiwidhrasize=1>2m srder="0" cellpaddEEEEEEbgcor="FFFy="0""cellspackey="0" w - <AOTTH="100%"=2 valign="bottom" href='packey="0"' < astroer as targe000a us.850?60lign=><thoo! wipaddEEEEEEbgcor="FFFy=ttomce0=" a_ &rdic.y.maM='166204.13vP=166204/.maM=dd"' h Groupsam_p m_pwddEEEEh00%? recor="FFFleftpe0 thttpo pswi"righ0=="mmyaisMETA align="bottom"nb>My dl"nt=13vPt In "0" w - o wi0a wh pswloA>d" a_ "<="mi Yahoo! T:upsanafex13vP=1662 /yg/img/l width=="middl"<="miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSorry hao="ftches were f.yd f.rupsanafex13vP. href"0" w - < iwef/if.rm coent"s> f.rmiipcemai="mrs> " method="gn="100%"=266" hrlogo/yg.gifh="100%"=266"/img/le0="100% w - input typnt"hifhenA coent"typneor="unt"query> "<="miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - input typnthifhen coent"whereeor="unt"ALL_EGROUPSddl"<="miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - input typnt"descA coent"queryrthoo!30eor="unt"nafex"p ii - input typnt"submicA coents < <a a_ loA M='dd>rvicet In - file?.intl=us&.dondocef="http:///i.ma/guidestses/META cony.html valign="bottom"Guidestsest In - file?.intl=us&.done=http://unitic.y.mai">Avalign="bottom"c.mut InA>d" a_


When I click on "Family and Home" I get the following:


pon <M<tableounrder="0" <><IMGCELLPADDG" ? easy Free, - alps 37? heigh m"ware,or=""0" cellpadd0="0" width="10="0" cellspac0" YatrcTLE> Yor="d"m"warerigh "om"ware lisie nowrap> 7" alp easze="-?L/ h-erne ?m"wa"waremiddlehrace="a1 "> </>asy "> m"wa"w <TABLEOUNRDER="0" bgcolor="FFFFFF" <f" Yoc="Yer

<Aps/AstroWeb.dll?ya?Af=312&De=Feal <t260cellpaddg?='src="ahttp://us.i1.yimg.ajo/ua/as/astroc="Yer/sa'" e,or" tv Welal/easssssssssssssedforest2010<trr="d" lisiettom? e, eaeasy nowr bgc?<> <_blanke>My Gr& - < Gr targb href="><" tarSgn="Outalp"nowrap> 37" Gr easE eaaeasy alnowr b<>m"waridth="100%" unrder="0" cellppacg" ="0" wellpaddg" ="02 u <TRC="YER </></TIDTH="100%" <rc="<f" bgcm"wa"w <>m"waridth="100%" unrder="0" cellppacg" ="0" wellpaddg" ="04 e, lisiettom"idth="100%" u> lisiet" ec="Yer>lisiettobleounrder="0" cellpadd0="0" width="10="0 rtd> e,or="d"om"waremiddlettom"ware lis lisiettttttttttttttttttt

lisietttttttttttttttteasy " </TITSM"WA"WARALC="YER<rc="<Family___reeH<Famil," sze=" g=size=<i" asze="sze=" m<b"(7104)<b" alp b <rc="<Family___reeH<Geneao/iyl" sze=" g=size=<i" asze="sze=" iy(3839)<b" alp b <rc='<Family___reeH<reeH_lin_Gar"ena' sze=" g=size=<i" asze="sze=" Gar?en(2369)<rc="<Family___reeH<Other" sze=" g=size=<i" asze="sze=" Other(422)<rc='<Family___reeH<Paremg"' sze=" g=size=<i" asze="sze=" size="<b" n(5907)

<> e,or" t "

(342)<b" alp b <rc="<Sciemen/Bioo/iy/Animals/Petml" sze=" g=size=<i" @asze="sze=" Petm<>(1343)<rc="<Sex___Romamen/Relapon" sze=" g=size=<i" @asze="sze=" shipm<b"(7559)

< ize="<asE" ?m"wa"w lisiettttttttttteasy "T m"wa"w <P" width="100%" waremiddle a01 ec="Yer

ehrace="m"ware,or=""0" cellpaddg" ="0" cellspacg" ="0" " TLE> YatrcTLiddleTDu <TRC="YER valign="bottom" 37? 2001 ?

Copyr=" wwidth="100%" </> </><f </> g=lisiettttttttttteaTD " T/LE> Yatm"wa"walc="Yer>w


What should I do?


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