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[nafex] Re: Cherries in the south

--- In nafex@y..., "Pete" <pete@r...> wrote:
> Hello
> I accidentally found about the online group in "Pomona" also. Very
> small note.
> How does one access the online newsgroup NAFEX archives for past
> articles ?????
> I can't seem to find this info anywhere !
> Also....no mention of this group on the NAFEX web site....??
> Thanks  Pete

I am accessing the group through yahoo group's website.  In their 
interface you can do word searches.  I seen mention that you can 
access the list throuh your email client (which I would have done if I 
found out about it first), but now that I have signed up this way, I 
see that there are some added benefits - searches, bookmarks, chat, 
database, files, polls, calendar, and promotions. I dont see much in 
the other areas 
(other than a few files)

Im not big on Yahoo, but the added features are nice.

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