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Re: [nafex] posting pics on nafex

Tom, what I'm hoping for is a site that is easier to access ( no need to 
even sign in ) just click, and there you are.......And, one that doesn't 
require the hoops and whistles that yahoo does just to get registered....Del

>From: Thomas Olenio <tolenio@sentex.net>
>Reply-To: nafex@yahoogroups.com
>To: <nafex@yahoogroups.com>
>Subject: Re: [nafex] posting pics on nafex
>Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 09:46:42 -0400 (EDT)
>The problem with the photo file area is that this list has migrated from
>Onelist, to Egroups, to Yahoo Groups as each company was bought up.  The
>problem being that not all members have peoperly updated (or created)
>memberships on the current server.
>The list will still send mail to them, and distribute mail from them, but
>will not allow them to access all the areas of the group until they
>register with the new owner (Yahoo Groups).
>Some complain that even after registering they have problems.
>I suggest that anyone having problems accessing the file areas unsubscribe
>and then resubscribe with Yahoo Groups, taking all the necessary steps to
>ensure they have complete access to the the online NAFEX area.
>Once a member, there is a icon that will "collect" all your memberships in
>various Yahoo Group lists and consolidate them and give you access.
>Straightening out the Yahoo Group membership will be just as easy as
>setting up a different server for photos.
>Just my opinion.
>Thomas Olenio
>Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a
>On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, del stubbs wrote:
> > I think my recent experiment of posting pics on the nafex home site
> > (apricot trees, mini bud graft and apple I.D.) has pointed out a hole
> > in our newsgroups communicaton.

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