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Re: [nafex] Nafex Membership and Chatline

On 10 Dec 2001 at 18:26, Dr. Ethan Natelson wrote:

>      The NAFEX Officers and Board generally support Greg Miller's
> decision to keep the chat line open to non-members.  I don't know that
> it was ever an official policy to give access only to NAFEX members. 

This issue was among the first five items discussed back when this list was formed, 
when every message was forwarded by hand (by yours truly.)  The issue comes up 
from time to time, and there is always divided opinion on whether the list should be 
open to all, or restricted to NAFEX members only.

One side typically argues that information should be shared freely, for the various 
benefits that brings.  Another side feels that participation in this list should be an 
exclusive benefit of NAFEX membership, and that to do otherwise might erode 
membership in the organization. 

The compromises that have basically been in effect since day one are:

1.  Membership is NAFEX is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED but *not required*, 
although members in similar societies (BCFTA, etc) are encouraged to participate in 
the list.
2.  This list is not publicized except through POMONA and publications of similar 
interest group publications.  People frequently note that the list is "unlisted."

Undoubtedly this will elicit some discussion of the pros and cons of each position, 
although I see the merit in each position.

> Greg has discussed this issue in our correspondence, in the past, and
> may wish to do so again.  We believe the open policy would actually
> help us to recruit new members. 

The officers and the board are recognized as the ultimate authority in this policy, 
since this list uses the organization's name.

Greg Miller

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