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poor level of science by GM advocates

The article below was taken from today's AGBIOVIEW discussion group. The
view being promoted that animals treated with pesticides, antibiotics
and hormones and/or fed GM corn , soy and canola seed cake make poop
that is free of the pollutants. USDA is expected to approve such
contaminated matter as being organic. The article exposes the level of
scientific thought of those promoting GM stuff and denigrating truly
organic foods.
Sadly though such information is likely to be considered sound science
by the food safety agency in Britain and to be taught vigorously in
"Cow Shit Found To Be "100% Organic"

America's fertilizer producers are gearing up to take advantage of the
USDA's revamped rules for organic products. Under the new rules,
manufacturers can label their products "organic" if they don't use
pesticides, biotechnology, antibiotics, irradiation, or growth hormones.
"This is a proud day for the bovine feces industry," says Bovine Feces
Industry president Martha Benton, "we can finally let the public know that
our cow shit is 100% organic." The new rules also apply to several other
items, including dog shit, cat shit, horse shit, decaying road kill, and
food for humans.