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Re: transgenic wheat born to pollute

Thank you Kathyrn Marsh  for the valuable comments. You dealt with a
problem pointed out  by  Percy Schmieser  when he was accused by
Monsanto of planting pirate GM canola.The Saskatchewan court  stupidly
refused to consider such pollution by GM canola, later an appeal court
made up of three Saskatchewan  judges (three judges are needed to strive
for a full wit  decision) again refused to accept the idea GM pollution.
In Canada it appears that the US corporations, the government and the
courts blindly promote the rapid dispersal by pollution  of the GM

Kathryn Marsh wrote:

At 10:50 07/03/2003 -0800, you wrote:

Prof. Cummins,

Thank you for this.

And then there's the issue of stray wheat berries dropped here and there
during harvest, hidden within the workings of combines, dropped out of
transport trucks, etc.

It's probably too late already.

Chrys Ostrander

We are fortunate in Ireland and the UK that this particular vector is
less available to transgenic crops. I don't remember Joe Cummins
it - maybe I missed it Joe, in which case I apologise - but the
pattern of
accidental spread in the US and Canada is heavily influenced by the fact
that crops are grown right up to the roadway, as against the hedges and
grass verges this side of the atlantic. This means that seed spilled
transport goes straight back into the fields. Here the odds are that any
germinating transgenic crop will be smothered by other vegetation. Though
nothing is going to protect against accidental mixing at grain merchants