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monsanto offers to pay off bureaucrats

Earlier , Monsanto offered millions to Canadian bureaucrats to allow
bovine growth hormone to be approved without extensive research and
evaluation. The practice of paying off bureaucrats seems to have grown
so commonplace as to escape notice. The main Canadian newspapers  failed
to mention  the bureaucratic payoffs or treated them as a laudable
business deals! The US newspapers also appear to have ignored the
scandalous payoffs. Europeans should be aware of the game and make sure
their government bureaucrats do not suborn bribes from corporations.
Agriculture Canada  seems to be delaying publication of the reports
showing that  glyphosate herbicide, used with the GM wheat, has been
implicated in Fusarium sudden death disease. Now , publication of the
acknowlegement of the payoffs shows the depth of depravitry in the Minsitry.
SASK.CBC.CA   News   -   Full   Story :
Agriculture Canada could get GM wheat royalty
Last Updated: Nov 28 2003 05:53 PM CST
SASKATOON - CBC News has learned that Agriculture Canada stands to get
money from the sale of Monsanto's Round-up Ready Wheat. Documents
obtained by CBC reveal the government will be paid a kind of royalty
from sales of the Monsanto product.

The documents obtained by CBC news reveal that Agriculture Canada has
invested nearly $4 million in the development of Monsanto's product.

A portion of that royalty would be a direct cash injection, but most of
it would be wages paid to Agriculture Canada researchers who have worked
on the development of the genetically modified (GM) wheat and seed material.

If the wheat Agriculture Canada worked on is ever sold, the department
would receive a percentage of the sales. That would amount to slightly
less than five per cent.

Bradford Duplessis, a reseacher with the Canadian Health Coalition, says
there is a perception of conflict in this kind of relationship.

"To have a body that is supposed to be regulating GM crops, actually
reporting to the Minister responsible for promoting GM crops...obviously
there is a serious and dangerous conflict of interest there," he says.

Department officials deny there is a conflict. They say the Canadian
Food Inspection Agency, an arms length branch of the department, is
responsible for regulation of all food products.

Industry analyst Murray Fulton says more distance is needed in the case
of something as controversial as GM wheat.

"It's going to require some extra work to really make sure that this
issue doesn't get played out in such a way that the public begins to
lose confidence in the process itself," he warns.

Fulton said it would be better if an independent body took
responsibility of regulating GM crops.


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