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[SANET-MG] ask jhonny about GM rice

>From AgBioView
n GM Rice and Barriers to Its Adoption

- Jonathan Gressel <jonathan.gressel@weizmann.ac.il>

They should be regulatory barriers when industry is not performing well.
When it was assumed that a herbicide resistant rice would have a five year
lifetime in S-USA the industry was ready to release to make a quick buck.
That is not long-term product stewardship, which is the stockholders
problem. Regulators should deal with agro-ecosystem stewardship and wonder
if bad ecosystem stewardship will give the govt less taxes as ag goes out
of business. 5 years is not good product life with a rice-redrice system
because there are only three potential herbicides for red rice control.
Therefore regulators must sit on industry when it is in the public benefit
- because industry's interests are the director's benefits (not even the
stockholders...). Industry did not put in any of the failsafe mechanisms
"because it wasn't required". With rice they listened only when it was
found that introgression was so fast that the whole fields were covered
with herbicide resistant red rice after 2 years....

- Jonny, Prof. Jonathan Gressel, Plant Sciences, Weizmann Institute of

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