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[SANET-MG] pig farmer's guts

Pig farmers have more antibiotic resistant bacteria in their guts than
other people. That is probably because they hang out with pigs fed
antibiotics. If pig farmers have more antibiotic resistant bacteria what
do GM maize farmers have? Along with the friendship of Monsanto it is
unclear what the farmers have contracted.
Suggested citation for this article: Aubry-Damon H, Grenet K,
Sall-Ndiaye P, Che D, Cordeiro E, Bougnoux M-E, et al. Antimicrobial
resistance in commensal flora. Emerg Infect Dis [serial online]. 2004
May [date cited]. Available from:

Antimicrobial Resistance in Commensal Flora of Pig Farmers
Hélène Aubry-Damon,* Karine Grenet,† Penda Sall-Ndiaye,‡ Didier Che,*
Eugenio Cordeiro,* Marie-Elisabeth Bougnoux,¶ Emma Rigaud,‡ Yann Le
Strat,* Véronique Lemanissier,* Laurence Armand-Lefèvre,† Didier
Delzescaux,§ Jean-Claude Desenclos,* Michel Liénard,‡ and Antoine Andremont†
*National Institute for Public Health, Saint-Maurice, France; †Bichat
Hospital, Assistance Publique, Paris, France; ‡National Mutualité
Sociale Agricole, Bagnolet, France; §National Federation of Cattle and
Pig Raisers, Paris, France; and ¶Ambroise Hospital Assistance Publique,
Paris, France

We assessed the quantitative contribution of pig farming to
antimicrobial resistance in the commensal flora of pig farmers by
comparing 113 healthy pig farmers from the major French porcine
production areas to 113 nonfarmers, each matched for sex, age, and
county of residence. All reported that they had not taken antiimicrobial
agents within the previous month. Throat, nasal, and fecal swabs were
screened for resistant microorganisms on agar containing selected
antimicrobial agents. Nasopharyngeal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus
was significantly more frequent in pig farmers, as was macrolide
resistance of S. aureus from carriers. Nongroupable streptococci from
the throat were more resistant to the penicillins in pig farmers. The
intestinal isolation of enterococci resistant to erythromycin or
vancomycin was not significantly higher in pig farmers in contrast to
that of enterobacteria resistant to nalidixic acid, chloramphenicol,
tetracycline, and streptomycin. Prevalence of resistance in predominant
fecal enterobacteria was also significantly higher in pig farmers for
cotrimoxazole, tetracycline, streptomycin, and nalidixic acid. We
determined a significant association between pig farming and isolation
of resistant commensal bacteria.

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