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[SANET-MG] reply from industry on pharm crops

Hi Jonathan,
Doctor Shantharum  seems to be totally shameless . In particular to
claim that aprotinin is a laboratory reagent not a  pharmaceutical is
staggering. The pharmaceutical is used so very extensively in surgery!
The claim that the product  is identical to the normal drug  fails to
deal with the  difference in plant product in the area of glycosylation
along with changes in the gene to accommodate plant production. Why he
ignores the production and marketing by Prodigene , from my report
"Meanwhile, Prodigene Corporation and Sigma-Aldrich are marketing
aprotinin (AproliZean) from maize and from a transgenic tobacco" is
Dr. Shantharum is really playing with fire because  aprotinin is linked
to human death through sensitization and anaphylaxis.  He may have
created liability  by claiming such dangerous drugs to be harmless.The
fact that the crop production may injure bystanders bother him  not at
all However, he makes the key confession , by noting that the plant
products do not  require FDA approval because they are "identical" to
approved drugs!
GM WATCH wrote:

hi joe
had this response from Shanthu Shantharam to your report about pharma
crops in the US, which we fwded to the gmwatch list.
best wishes
jonathan www.gmwatch.org

Your report on how GM crops are secretly grown and marketed in America
is rather misleading.  The facts are that the companies involved are
growing transgenic maize producing GUS and aprotinin both of which are
not drugs or pharmaceuticals, but laboratory reagents in their pure
form.  Transgenic crops producing these two compounds are indeed being
grown, but under proper regulatory permits.  USDA, APHIS does not
regulate the products purified from these transgenic crops, neither
does US-FDA as the end product in its pure form is both functionally
and structurally same as the ones already on the market and there is
no scientific reason to suspect it otherwise.  What Aldrich chemical
company is marketing is the chemical compound in its pure form and not
the transgenic crops.  Neither environmental safety nor public safety
has ever been compromised and there would have been no need to raise
alarm if the facts had been checked out.

Shanthu Shantharam, Biologistics International, LLC, Ellicott City, MD

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