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Re: [SANET-MG] M vs the farmers

Hi Neal,
You are certainly wrong to make offensive personal comments.
Particularly as you untruthfully claim that I have not dealt with
sustainable agriculture, as you are aware these contributions are many.
You seem to have an insane craving to dominate and call people pitiful
who do not share your fundamentalist worship of corporations and their
destruction of the environment.
I of course, despise , your personal comments particularly as you have
not taken time to find out who I am and what I believe. My existence is
not pitiful, I am a man, and you have no right to make such repulsive
comments and to spread your message of hate and of lies!.
You claim to be superior and list things that you claim to have done.
How, can the recipients of what you claim to be your  superior knowledge
share your message of hate?
You dare to claim this superiority over others  while all you have is a
 slaveholders  mind that clearly despises all those they claim to be
helping. Your sycophantic worship of corporations gives you away.
Finally, do try to improve your self and to join the human race.

Is is a rule that someone plant Monsanto seeds?

Why is this list dominated by the woeful baling of a few who want to
condemn Monsanto or any other seed company?

Is there a better place for you to go on and on and on about this
imaginary foe you have dreamed up?  This demon you have dreamed into

I wonder what would happen if you placed your energies into fostering
sustainable agriculture.  What is wrong with being for something instead
of only against?  Oh how easy to tear down.  How difficult to build up.

I have often heard of people who if the word "No" was removed from their
vocabulary they would be speechless.  If your pitiful existence is
completely motivated by running down what others have done to improve
the world why do you belong to a group promoting sustainable agriculture?

In the last month we have begun a fish emulsion project in Nicaragua to
support farmers who must import all of their fertilizers.  We are about
to begin another in SE Texas to bring a replica of the California
Imperial Valley there.  We want to provide local produce for Houston,
Austin and San Antonia from an area that is now only scantly used for
cattle grazing and a few grain crops.

We are bringing road building material to SE Asia to help farmers bring
their crops in.  We have developed new food products made from catfish
to improve the lot of the American aquaculture farmer.  We have begun a
farm robotics system to relieve the tedium of some of the most arduous
rural tasks.

We are beginning a rural economic development program on our own land in
Indiana to place recent immigrants into farm projects.  Projects that
will give them financial independence.  We are helping turkey farmers in
VA and chicken farmers in KY and TN to reduce the high cost of heating
the poultry houses.

We are designing an anaerobic digestion system for dairy and hog farmers
in Mexico to help with their environmental issues but also to relieve
them of some of their high electric bills.  We will demonstrate a simple
gasifier to show how biomass can provide fuel for an engine to produce
electrical and mechanical power.

We have begun a land fill diversion program for Mexico City to save 100
truckloads a day of  foodstuffs going into the landfill for composting
and soil amendments.

We are gathering storage tanks to hold soybean oil which will be pressed
from this year's crop in the USA.  The oil will be used in tractors and
other farm equipment to substitute for unaffordable diesel fuel.  And
all that is in the last 30 days.

But some of us on this group want only to whine against those who work.
Get yourself up from your sick bed and help your neighbor.  Write about
what you have done or want to do.  Light one candle rather than complain
about the dark.

Neal Van Milligen
Kentucky Enrichment Inc
www.kentuckyenrichment.com <http://www.kentuckyenrichment.com>
cavm@aol.com <mailto:cavm@aol.com>



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